Current Audios Here

We have tried to simplify and organize our audios better in this new website. Here on our website you will have access to more than 2000 audio bible studies.

Now we will release each new audio as a POST. So you can look for the most recent audios under RECENT POSTS.

Also, we will be creating Categories for subject matter of the audios. For example under CATEGORIES you will find subject series, such as Blood  which Ronnie McCurry is currently teaching. If you wish to view all of the audios, click on the BIBLE STUDY category.

At the top of the right side of the page is a  SEARCH BOX in which you can search for a teacher’s name, date or title of an audio subject.

The ARCHIVES section will allow you to go back to a certain month and year if you remember when an audio was originally recorded that you would like to hear.

You can either play or download any of our audios. To download, click on the down arrow within the circle.